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IE6 真是天殺的罪惡

05 Jan '07 - 12:23Flash IE6 problem with loading xml
Re: disable gzip based on user-agent

[quote="Eden Li"]
Flash in IE6 has issues if you make requests via its ActionScript API. IE6 tacks on an `Accept-Encoding: gzip,default` when it makes the request, but when the server actually returns a gzipped body the Flash plugin barfs all over it.

真天殺的 IE6 的 bug 真是永無止盡如滔滔江水連綿不絕...
不過到現在還是找不到 nginx 關掉 Cache-Control 和忽略
Accept-Encoding 的方式呀...

話說我也早該 google ie6 有啥鬼 bug, 而不是相信跟 domain 有關.....
為什麼我要相信呢......... 明明就...

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