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Ruby Enterprise Edition = 超級 Rails 懶人包

> wget http://rubyforge.org/frs/download.php/41040/ruby-enterprise-1.8.6-20080810.tar.gz

> tar -zxf ruby-enterprise-1.8.6-20080810.tar.gz

> ruby-enterprise-1.8.6-20080810/installer

....非常詳盡的安裝說明....保證不碰到 system


...configure 和 build 訊息

installing binary commands
installing command scripts
installing library scripts
installing headers
installing manpages
installing extension objects
installing extension scripts

Installing RubyGems...
Installing useful libraries...
Installing rails...
Successfully installed rake-0.8.3
Successfully installed activesupport-2.2.2
Successfully installed activerecord-2.2.2
Successfully installed actionpack-2.2.2
Successfully installed actionmailer-2.2.2
Successfully installed activeresource-2.2.2
Successfully installed rails-2.2.2
7 gems installed

靠,連 rails 都安裝是怎樣 @@

Installing fastthread...
Installing rack...
Installing mysql -- --with-mysql-config='/usr/bin/mysql_config'...

....哇勒,mysql binding 也自動裝!你怎知是用 mysql??

Installing sqlite3-ruby...
ERROR: Error installing sqlite3-ruby:
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.


Installing postgres...
ERROR: Error installing postgres:
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

Warning: some libraries could not be installed
The following gems could not be installed, probably because of an Internet
connection error:

* sqlite3-ruby
* postgres

These gems are not required, i.e. Ruby Enterprise Edition will work fine without them. But most people use Ruby Enterprise Edition in combination with Phusion Passenger and Ruby on Rails, which do require one or more of the aforementioned gems, so you may want to install them later.

To install the aforementioned gems, please use the following commands:
* /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/ruby /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/gem install sqlite3-ruby
* /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/ruby /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/gem install postgres


Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/rdoc...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/rackup...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/irb...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/erb...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/rake...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/testrb...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/ri...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/rails...
Updating /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/gem...
chmod -R g+r,o+r,o-w sqlite3-ruby*

這大概是把 /usr/bin/env ruby 改成 /whatever/bin/ruby 吧...

Ruby Enterprise Edition is successfully installed!
If you're using Phusion Passenger (http://www.modrails.com),
and you want it to use Ruby Enterprise Edition, then edit your Apache
configuration file, and change the 'PassengerRuby' option:

PassengerRuby /home/ruby-enterprise/ruby/bin/ruby

If you ever want to uninstall Ruby Enterprise Edition, simply remove this


If you have any questions, feel free to visit our website:


Enjoy Ruby Enterprise Edition, a product of Phusion (www.phusion.nl) :-)

> bin/passenger-install-apache2-module

我看你乾脆把 apache 也 bundle 起來算了吧...

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