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"Now, open you eyes and see, I am no mere Marduk,
my names are countless, my age beyond reckoning."

跟 Sacrifice(活祭)裡面 Marduk 所說的一字不差,
懶得從頭看,就先 note 起來。

我真的曾經想把 Sacrifice 的劇本全部背起來過...
可惜 google 裡找不到,不然真的會考慮慢慢背。



????: Greetings, old friend.
Pensuke: It cannot be! Marduk!
Marduk: Indeed, but in this world I will no longer have that name. Call me Ashur.
(沒記錯的話,後面應該是 They call me A???? here.)
Pensuke: Why have you come here?
Marduk: Our bargain is incomplete, your rivals have fallen, but our reckoning is not yet fulfilled.
Pensuke: My...my rivals?! You destroyed everything! The very earth was crumbling beneath my feet!
(我記得有 You destroyed everything 沒錯)
Marduk: Do not blame yourself overmuch, the doom of Alem was pre-ordained, content yourself that you were but a pawn, as you will be again.
Pensuke: Never!


「"Substance?" Arkamond asked. "What? Like a lord, or a king?"」
這段應該是 Mitharas 之類的拼法的人講的...
「"A tyrant." Pensuke replied. "Had you looked upon me then you would have thought me an evil man." He chuckled, bitterly. "Most people did. I had laboured all my life to build another man's empire, when he died too young...far too young, authority fell to me alone. But I was not as well loved as he had been. Despised is more like it."」
這段,意思非常接近,不過我不確定用字一不一樣。至少 tyrant,
died too young, far too young 有印象應該一樣。
「"Aye, but the demon was too powerful, I could not control it."」

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