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五種 developer

我想我通常會是第四種或第五種 XD


[quote="Akinori MUSHA"]

It all depends on your standpoint, really.

If you are a mission critical production application developer, you
would just want bug fixes and nothing else.

If you are an average production application developer, performance
improvement would also be welcome.

If you are a library developer, the bigger the difference between 1.8
and 1.9 the more difficult it is to develop and maintain your library.
If you drop support for 1.8, you are leaving average users behind. If
you stick with 1.8 and hesitate to support 1.9 until it is production
ready, you are left behind when 1.9 is ready. So changes that makes
1.8 closer to 1.9 may help you.

If you are a bleeding edge developer, you couldn't care less about 1.8
as you say.

But after all above, if you are a Ruby developer like me, you must
care about all kinds of people using Ruby in various ways.

I'll tell my thoughts in detail below.


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